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Plant construction

Bulk material handling must be fully adapted to the specific needs of the customer. Our strength lies in the ability to identify the necessary procedure for the customer's specific production process and translate it into practice. The customers´s own modules and operations are smoothly integrated with our conveying plant concepts. The harmoniously designed layout of all individual components results in a thoroughly functional solution.

- Silo plants
- Weighing and batching plants
- Mixing plants
- Pneumatic conveying plants
- Ensiling plants
- Mechanical conveying plants
- Crushing and sifting plants
- Drying and pulverizing plants
- Big-bag and sack handling
- Process control systems incl. software
- Special plants
- Installation and commissioning



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D - Hamburg
Installation of a production plant for chemical building products,
D - Barsbüttel (Hamburg).

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D - Bonn
Pneumatic conveying plants below a silo plant with dosing channels and dust extraction equipment,
D - Bonn.

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Schematic diagram of a pneumatic conveying plant,
CZ - Teplice.

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