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Pneumatic conveying

Air gets a number of things moving: free-flowing bulk materials, moist products and single compact parts. There is hardly a branch of industry that would not like to benefit from its use. After all, bulk goods or manufactured items up to a grain size of 25 mm can be conveyed, without intermediate stations and bypass air, along distances of up to 2000 metres! And this without polluting the environment, since special filtering techniques allow us to remain well below the legal limits stipulated for residual amounts of dust.

Conveying distance up to
Conveying capacity up to
Material bulk density up to
Material grain size up to
Material moisture up to
Plant dimensions  
 suited to the projekt

Here you find some references for pneumatic conveying plants.

The system configuration of our plants is based on an extremely simple, space-saving and flexible design concept. This, together with moderate energy consumption and low maintenance costs, has resulted in an extremely cost-efficient transport process. The long service life which results from the robust design is evidence of the day-to-day operational reliability of our pneumatic conveyor technology.

This technology is characterized by high productivity and its ability to be fully automated. Even at maximum velocity the material flow is low wearing and gentle on both the plant and the product. Designed to meet the needs of individual applications, it opens a wide spectrum of possible system configurations. Rerouting the material flow, for instance, is simplicity itself. Piping lay-out designed to meet specific needs, plus system expandability, allows the plant to be continuously adapted to new requirements.

This versatility in design makes it possible to transport hygroscopic substances and other difficult-to-convey materials.

The advantages of pneumatic conveying at a glance:
· Simple, space-saving and adaptable system layout.
High productivity and excellent adaptability to automation.
Minimal environmental impact, e.g., dust-free conveyance
  of hazardous materials.
Simple branching of material flow.
Effective conveyance of hygroscopic materials and other
  difficult-to-convey substances.

We have compiled detailed information about pneumatic conveying on the following pages.

Here you find the operating instructions.



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Pneumatic conveying plant.

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D - Barsbüttel
Weighing pressure tank V = 2000 l, m = 40 t/h, s = 25 m for pneumatic conveying of large components for tiling cement,
D - Barsbüttel (Hamburg).

Click To Expand - 29 KB
D - Barsbüttel
Pneumatic suction conveyance of 8 raw materials in a suction scale,
D - Barsbüttel (Hamburg)

Click To Expand - 54 KB
P - Castro Verde
Tandem conveying plant for cement V = 1000 l, m = 6 t/h, s = 2042 m,
P - Castro Verde.

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