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Discharging aids


Aeration with textile hose
System Hermanns D.B.P.

In silos or tanks a hose system made of special textile material which allows air to pass in one direction only is employed. It is used to loosen up stored pulverized bulk materials to make them suitable for transportation. The need for air and therefore the need for energy is remarkably low. Any silo can be easily retrofitted with this system to meet local requirements.

A special textile hose is internally equipped with a stabilizing alumium fillet. The textile allows air to pass in one direction only. For fluidization, air pressure is is fed into the hose via a circular pipeline with an operating pressure of 0.5 - 0.7 bar and an air volume of 1.0 - 1.5 Nm³/h/m².

Here are some references for discharging aids with textile hose.

Here you find installation and operating instructions.



Click To Expand - 235 KB

Example of an aeration device.

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Installing an aeration device in a silo.

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Detail of an aeration device with circular pipeline, hose nozzles and fittings.

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Detail of an aeration device with circular pipeline, hose nozzles and fittings.

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