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Tubes and Tube Bends

ROWEFLEX® Rohre und Rohrbögen sind ein Rohrleitungssystem mit einer Elastomerauskleidung aus speziellem Polyurethan (PU).

Die gemeinsam mit der Firma Wegen GmbH Gummierzeugnisse, Königswinter, entwickelte und patentierte Auskleidung für Rohrbögen mit dem Namen ROWEFLEX® wird in pneumatischen Förderleitungen für den Transport abrasiver Materialien eingesetzt

Thanks to its soft, smooth surface, the elastomer lining causes product particles to bounce off the elastomer, thereby preventing an abrasive effect. The absence of abraded iron fines makes the ROWEFLEX® tubes and tube bends ideal for, for example, transporting vitreous sand. Lower maintenance costs are achieved through extended lifetimes.

The steel tubes lined with polyurethane by a special process can be installed like normal conveyor piping. Connection and adapter flanges compliant to EN1092-1 (DIN2576) guarantee easy connection to existing plant parts and replacement of existing conveyor piping. All ROWEFLEX® tubes and tube bends are constructed with loose flanges to facilitate assembly. The ROWEFLEX® tubes are easier to handle during assembly and installation than tubes with a ceramic oxide lining.

The impact head developed by Beckschulte Verfahrenstechnik is also lined with the special polyurethane to match the piping. A wear protected cover enables quick replacement of the most stressed area of the impact head..

The ROWEFLEX tubes currently come in the nominal diameters DN80, DN100 and DN125. Other diameters are available on request.

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ROWEFLEX® Tubes and Tube Bends





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Cross-section through a ROWEFLEX® tube.

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Detailed view of a ROWEFLEX® tube.

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ROWEFLEX® impact head with open wear protected cover.

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ROWEFLEX® Rohrbogen - Maßblatt.

Click To Expand - 58 KB
ROWEFLEX® Rohr - Maßblatt.

Click To Expand - 100 KB
ROWEFLEX® Einlaufprallkopf - Maßblatt.

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ROWEFLEX® Zwischenscheibe - Maßblatt.

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