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Piping systems


Impact head

As silo and tank inlet at the end of a pneumatic conveying pipe.

The impact head is a pipe bend for the entry of a pneumatic conveying pipe into a tank or silo. The conveying pipe is enlarged to a diameter of DN 250 and at the same time re-routed by an angle of 90°. The enlargement of the impact head causes a decrease in the flow rate.There is, however, only a minimal loss of pressure in the impact head. The use of special materials provides high wear-resistance even when abrasive substances are conveyed.

The connecting flanges are designed according to DIN2405, which also allows the system to be easily upgraded.

The impact head is also available with an exchangeable lid for special applications. At the moment, these impact heads are being tested with a PU lining for the pneumatic conveyance of quartz powder.



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Impact head made of NiHard

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Impact head with exchangeable abrasion lid made of PU.

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