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Reference example - 2

Conveyance of raw materials and weighing of pigments
Company Brillux GmbH
Plant site Münster
Country Germany
Type of plant Pneumatic transport of raw materials from the storage silos to the day silos, renewal of pigment weighing system
Final product Paints and lacquers
Order scope  Engineering Plant planning, Production drawing for containers, statics, steel construction charts and workshop drawings
Building Steel construction
Components tandem pressure conveying plant, Air pressure supply, discharging aids for silos, weighing equipment, compressor and other plant components
Control Complete control
Installation Mechanical, electrical installation and commissioning
Commissioning TBP4530-X01
1998, weighing system
2000, conveying plant
Raw materials Socal, Kaolin, Calcili, Inducarb, pigments and fillers

Discharging aids No. of pieces Diameter Cone
Textile hose
2 x 2
3.820 mm
Sintered plastic
900 mm
Pneumatic conveyance Path Distance DN Output

Pressure conveying

4 x DB -> P
100 m
8 - 12 t/h



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Vormontierte Tandem-Förderanlagen, VL = 1000 ltr, m = 8-12 t/h, s = 100 m.
Pre-assembled tandem conveying plants, VL = 1000 ltr, m = 8-12 t/h, s = 100 m.

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Aufstellen der 200 m³ Silos.
Installing the 200 m³ silos.

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